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I am an intuitive reader and seer, offering oracle readings for those seeking guidance.

I have had the ability to see, hear and feel spirit from a very young age

and come from a long lineage in my family who have done the same.

It’s in my blood, in my ancestry and is a definite soul calling.

I love giving readings, as much as people enjoy receiving them.


What is a reading?

A reading is an opportunity for you to receive guidance from spirit and guides on a specific area of your life or can be a general reading, which encompasses all of your life, past, present and future.

What does it involve?

I offer three types of reading – oracle cards, mediumship and written readings. These can be done in person or online.

How does it work?

Oracle cards – I intuitively choose cards for you and offer guidance on the messages that are presented via the cards.

Mediumship – I work with your guides and loved ones coming in who want to speak with you or give you guidance and support in that moment. This can include loved ones passed, but also combines your past life and ancestors. These readings are totally intuitive and we work together closely in holding space for spirit.

Written readings – I scribe from spirit directly on to paper, these can be hand written or typed. They are for you to keep and can be very powerful and moving messages. You must specify in advance if you’d like hand written or typed. If you require both, this is an extra cost due to the time and energy it takes to process it.

Is there a limit on how many readings I can have?

No there is no limit, but generally I advise waiting at least one month between readings as you need time to process and allow what spirit has given you. Most people find that one reading as a one off is enough information they need and

others find they need more. There is no pressure either way, you choose what

is right for you.

What happens after a reading?

I always suggest you drink plenty and allow yourself a good night sleep if you can. Readings can be incredibly moving and emotional for some. So please ensure you don’t have too many plans after you reading and you have enough quiet time to process it before returning to your normal activities.

It is important to note, that I’m not a therapist or counsellor, so if you need to seek professional support, please do so.

If you have questions about your reading, I can of course answer them, but if you have many in depth questions which require more time. I will charge for this time

or suggest you have a further reading in the future.

How much are readings?

  • Oracle cards - £30

  • Mediumship and card combination - £30

  • Written reading (handwritten or typed) - £30

  • Written reading (handwritten and typed) - £30

If you have a special occasion, birthday or anniversary I also offer gift vouchers...