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Hi, I’m Jess, welcome to my website. Mother Moon started in September 2017 with the intention of sharing my love and passion for Exmoor.

​I was born and raised in Kent, but it wasn’t until I visited the West Country that I suddenly felt a deep sense of home. The South East was becoming over crowded and I hadn’t appreciated this until I came away and felt the peace of Exmoor. The land held me, captivated me and I never wanted to leave.​

We took the leap and moved to Lynton in 2013, in that time I’ve had a daughter, set up guided walks, retreats, a moon lodge and made some amazing friends along the way.

Here we are in 2023 and what a transformational couple of years the whole world has been through. Since the pandemic, I’ve appreciated being outside even more and it has really deepened my connection and passion for sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of being outside.

I’m very excited to share my love of Exmoor with you through walking, outdoor fun and learning for children and visiting sacred sites. Please don’t just take my word for it, come and visit this little slice of heaven on earth and you’ll come away with a deep sense of peace and freedom.

Enjoy browsing my website and I look forward to more adventures.

Jess xx

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